Factory Built Housing Facts

Factory Built Housing Facts


    1. Building in a climate controlled setting –

Have you ever passed by a home under construction when it is raining or snowing? Lumber and other interior parts are exposed to the elements. Factory-built homes are constructed in a protected environment. The controlled conditions inside a factory account for the precise nature of a factory-built home. A factory setting also significantly cuts down on theft. Have you ever read a story in the newspaper about a building site getting robbed of materials? It happens quite often and the consumer ends up paying the price.



    1. Factory-built homes are more cost effective –

No matter what type of factory-built home you decide on, it will certainly be less expensive to have it built in a factory setting. Due to efficient production techniques and the large quantity of materials purchased, factory-built housing is less expensive than its site-built counterpart. Using the same quality materials that are found in site-built housing, there is no better housing choice. Dollar for dollar, you get more house, with more features in a factory-built house than in a site-built home.


    1. Factory-built homes provide quality-control –

A site-built home is built under the watchful eye of the local building inspector and whatever supervision, if any, is on the job site. Most local building inspectors and builders do a commendable job of overseeing projects, but nothing near the requirements that factory builders must meet. Factory-built homes are built according to federal or state laws and codes, which mandate high quality control measures that assure your home is constructed properly.


      1. Could the average site-built home travel behind a truck at 60+ miles per hour?