We feel that communication with our residents is extremely important, so we publish a monthly newsletter that is mailed to all residents with your monthly lot rental bill. It is also good news that the NYS STAR program to lower school tax costs to home owners has been in effect in our parks for all qualified home owners. This program is now run by the state of New York and all residents/homeowners will be able to apply direct to NY State.  Other programs such a veterans, senior, clergy and disability assessment reduction programs can help lower monthly rents.

Our entrance procedures are defined in our booklet of rules and regulations.

Our “Rules and Regulations” are written to insure your general welfare, comfort, safety and a pleasant and comfortable living environment. We administer our rules fairly to all residents to assure that a few thoughtless people do not cause unnecessary inconvenience to you, or to us. To attain this end, we insist on compliance with our “Rules and Regulations”.

Reference forms, leases, rental agreements, credit reference forms, registration forms and all preliminary documents must be completed by all occupants and approved by the park owner prior to occupancy of a unit or lot.