Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions

If I order my home how long will it take?

Typically once the order is placed with the factory it takes between 6-7 months before your new home arrives on site.

How long does it take to obtain financing?

This is a hard question to answer in general terms; if you apply for a mortgage then you can expect most banks to take approximately 4 weeks from the time you apply until your commitment letter is issued. If you apply for a home only loan you could be approved in a matter of a few days.

Can Jim Ray Homes do the Capital Improvements for my new home or who can do the site work needed?

As a land owner you have the option of what contractor will do the capital improvements to your lot, Jim Ray Homes has the ability to do these items for you, everything from driveway work to septics, water well & hookups, land clearing, electric services, grading and concrete pad foundation. 

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, this will be one of the applications you will need to fill out. However, if questions arise, a Jim Ray Homes Sales Representive will assist you in preparing the permit application with the proper attached documents. Jim Ray’s is very knowledgeable on the requirements needed to obtain your building permit. Once you have received your permit and work begins Jim Ray’s will arrange for all code officer inspections for their customers.

Does Jim Ray’s take trade-in’s?

Yes we do, we can make an appointment to go inspect your current home and come up with a fair trade amount. A trade in also will lower your sales tax amount if traded in against a new single or double manufactured home.

How much is the sales tax?

Well currently there are 3 different answers to this questions depending on what type of home you are purchasing:

New Manufactured home: Sales tax is calculated at the delivery location, however, after we remove several non-taxable items included in the home price it works out to be approximately 5% of the selling price of the home you are purchasing.

Used manufactured home: No Sales Tax!!

Trade ins: The value of your trade in will lower the price of the new manufactured home by that amount before sales tax is figured.

Do I need good credit and a down payment?

Yes you do need both and any trade in equity or land equity will count toward your down payment needed.

Where will I live between the time you move my existing home and replace it with my new home?

Jim Ray Homes has a unique advantage over other retailers in the area, since we also have rental units available.  We can offer our new home purchasing customers a short term housing solution by providing them with one of our rental units to stay in at no charge (no pets allowed).  As long as we have one of them vacant and available.

Why should I choose Jim Ray Homes to be my housing provider?

For over half a decade, Jim Ray Homes has been able to provide our new home customers with the finest service available in the area. Jim Ray Homes consistently wins customer service awards and are very proud to accept these awards based on our customer feedback directly from them to the manufacturers. We demand quality construction from our manufacturers and a final finished product that will exceed our customer’s expectations.